Immersive Promotional Media is a three-year (2018-2021) research project funded by a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Grant. The project investigates the aesthetic, narrative and affective connections between IPM, brands and consumers. Using interviews with producers and focus groups with consumers it aims to paint a clearer picture of what immersive promotional media are, their role within media marketing strategies, who they benefit and in what ways.

Dr Stephanie Janes is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department for Culture, Media and the Creative Industries at King’s College London. She holds a BA in Film & Literature and MA in Film & Television Studies from the University of Warwick. Her PhD in Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London examined the use of promotional alternate reality games in Hollywood film marketing campaigns.

Her research interests include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Immersive Promotional Media
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Digital Cultures
  • Alternate Reality Gaming.

She lives in London with her husband, her daughter and their perpetually grumpy cat. She enjoys frequent outings to the cinema (Secret or otherwise) and watching all manner of ‘trashy’ TV. She is officially addicted to Stardew Valley.